Site 2. Harriet Jones + Sam Horman
Thai food on the porch
Sound recording / instalation
Plastic tableware, takeaway containers, wine bottle, chalk
Duration 20 min, plays on the hour every hour between 10am-6pm 

Harriet and Sam are behind and sometimes with one another in writing, knitting, painting, sound and sewing projects. Their work is mostly walking and talking. Harriet is concerned with life’s complexities where they exist quietly and Sam is concerned with saving the world.

Thai food on the porch comes from the futures we project and spells we cast, to imagine movement or momentum at a time we are stuck and have only slippery ideas for the future. We wait inside our  little room, or else travel what distance we can (to the Thai restaurant and back), drafting stories  between us that fall in and out of sense & in and out of substance. Sometimes we can pretend a  bigger stretch of the world to map ourselves by when eating fancy things and using fancy words, watching time and people pass… but we don’t step further than the porch. The actual experience  unfolds while we wait for it to resume.

We talked and I drank tea, an entire kettle of oolong to myself. A tuft of grass in the roof gutter is where I found an easy point to moor my eye and drift away.

The low growl can’t you hear that? It seems like it’s louder inside

Purring sounds like heavy sighs. Why is she so crabby today

She’s sitting at the cat spot by the heater.

Sunny and so split in two and you have such a severe part, two perfect halves

You have a rich inner world that you can expand into.

I’m having crazy dreams

The actual experience unfolds while we wait for it to resume.

We all have the power to become anything we want but maybe it’s the moon. Maybe the cheese I ate an entire wheel once and went to emergency

I think at that point I thought I was just excited to be moving out of home.

I think I’m leaking through cracks in the room, gaps in my attention, things appear you don’t realise you are. Time alone (being used as a mallet) is driving a crack in the glass that I pick at with my thumbs, finding gaps to seep through, liquid chemical display.

The TV in there is so hilarious, it makes me feel insane

We mallet cracked to day divide and started a bit new. Nice to miss you. Nice to see you like that but for some reason I’m feeling panicky can I get it out? Because they don’t have any spring rolls


Aesop would be jealous of this custard apple, it’s an Aesop fruit.

Do we have any parmesan left

Maybe it’s a wine night

Maybe it’s a bath night the bubbles slip my tongue I think I’m getting too comfortable with you two

I’m like a surface, hot fault lines, cooling, while I pick at the crust. So its still healing.

That’s you summed up, you on loop, it’s within my 5 k

Why don’t you use time alone like a brush? It clears carpet, you lay yourself down for shallow breathing and sun salutations.

In the morning I walk to buy the special pasta and in the afternoon I worry. Did you see the report?

I’m trying to save the world

The cat looks so cute when she rests her chin like that.

Do you think she’s fat or fluffy?

I heard on a podcast that that plant is like a leech, it grows inside the other and eventually will swallow that gum tree, it also relies on the bird to carry the seed up there, it’s an interdependent thing.

Cranked up

I’m changing it, it’s too experimental

Do you mind if we turn the music off my head’s all saturated

You should be so proud

And it’s probably just the weather      really hate when there’s no movement   

Can we have a dance party soon

He’s in the club in there just eating spanakopita

A new futon, I love having a couch here and I think maybe

I could stare at this brick wall forever

Was that before or after Italy?