Site 2. Megg Minos
Silurian Falls

Gold foil lycra, black cotton, grosgrain ribbon, polypropylene wadding
Dimensions variable

︎ m_64661111

Megg Minos makes objects to express joy. She has a background in gold & silversmithing, floristry and creative writing and believes all of these things are related. 

Silurian Falls is a small soft sculpture, vaguely crystalline/geological in form, stacked.

I started making these pieces during Donald Trump’s first electoral  campaign and eventual election. I felt that the radio was bringing something into my studio that I could only listen to helplessly and with horror. I wasn’t able to concentrate on making jewellery. I started to sew  these gold objects; they were easy, absurd and calming. I hope that in this current crisis, these objects can provide similar comfort.