Site 6. T.R. Carter
Holding breath 
Video 4:02 
Daily video projections from 6-9pm

T. R. Carter is an artist working in Narrm / Melbourne whose practice focuses on video, sculpture, installation, silversmithing, sound and performance art. Her work investigates the communicative power of feminine resistance through art to open up discussions on liberated expressiveness, lived experience and grief. She is interested in theories of abjection within art, autobiographical narratives and violence as a cathartic tool. Carter has exhibited throughout Australia and co-foundered and directed Artist Run Initiatives Serial Space in Sydney and Art Beat in Melbourne. Carter is also a member of re::set and SCORE sound art collectives as well as State of artist collective.

Holding breath is a video work that explores the blind, dull, heavy and listless suspense that lockdown imposes on us, as well as the power to endure. Undulating between moments of hope, stillness and a silent grieving of the past, this work aims to figuratively emulate sensations of drowning associated with panic and dread. Slowed down, this work humourlessly plays with a lack of expectation for our future (as we saw it), ‘don’t hold your breath’, yet going under to come up reveals an insistence to bear the brunt and dream of a new horizon.