Site 3. makermei 
Ephemeral sculpture -broken ceramics, seeds
W450 x D320 x H200 mm

︎ makermei

Makermei is an emerging multi-disciplinary creator fascinated by the bounds and intersects of art, technology and nature. She currently works with ceramics, polymer clay, wire, electronics, water-based paint and discarded ephemera, but is always exploring new media. She creates from lived experience of mental health, ill-health and cultural displacement.

Emergence is an ephemeral sculpture that will grow and change, emerge and decay over time. A mere ‘temporary confluence’ in the spirit of Mono-ha artists of Japan who brought together ordinary natural materials for the purpose of sharing the wabi-sabi appreciation of things ‘for this moment only’. The work weaves organic pathways of chia (Salvia hispanica) seeds germinating in what seems like an inhospitable, broken environment. The environment consists of symbols of everyday domesticity: crockery: a wide-mouthed soup bowl and a blue and white china mug, cracked, separated and precariously balanced. Despite their separation into pieces, they seem somehow whole and elegant, possibly even architectural in their abandoned, discarded and grown-over state.